Personal branding is the act of developing a brand around you as a person and a business owner, while a company’s brand is important in itself having a personal brand as an entrepreneur or the person behind a company is much better. Facebook is a brand and Mark Zuckerberg is a personal brand. For solopreneurs it is much more important as it is a way for you to¬†express and communicate your skills and personality.

Personal branding will dictate how your peers and customers see you. It will influence how they perceive your value to their lives and if the want you in and out of it. People will be attracted to you if you are attractive so make it a point that you are, here are some tips for you:

  1. Establish your core values and principles, identify your strengths and potential and build on that.
  2. Be consistent with your image but project the real you (It’s stressful to pretend).
  3. Build an online presence, a platform where you show you. It should be your name because it is your personal brand remember?
  4. Have an awesome and professionally done online profile photo done by us (shameless plug lol). Note on the profile photo, it should be the same on all social media that’s kind of your logo, your face. So be consistent.
  5. Be an expert in your own field by sharing knowledge, information and being present, being there, involved and accessible.

Building your personal brand will take some time to develop, but if you are consistent and real, it will happen. But most importantly, be out there and start building.