Virtual Headshots is a team effort by you and our studio, this part of the process is key to producing a great and consistent photo to match your company’s brand look.

Follow these instructions on how to take your virtual headshots.

  • Dress appropriately for the industry you’re in. If you’re a lawyer or realtor wear a formal suit.
    If you’re a graphic designer or in tech, you might wear something a bit more casual. Think about going to a job interview.

  • Get ready like you are doing an actual photoshoot, set a date and time, if possible pick the brightest day, clean up, fix the hair, and have nice makeup for the ladies. Be sure the outfit is nice, clean, and pressed.

  • Find a bright window or hallway by your front door without direct sunlight.
    If there’s harsh light you can soften it by using white translucent curtains.
    Mid-morning or late afternoon is the best time to shoot.
    Stand 4 to 6 feet facing towards the light. Ensure that the entire face is well-lit by the window light.

  • As much as possible try shooting in front of a plain or at least a clutter-free background.
    Plain walls work great especially light ones.
    Make sure that the face is in focus and not the background.

  • Use the best mobile phone in the house to take the shots. Do not shoot wide angle.
    Have someone with steady hands take the shot for you, do not do a selfie.
    Use portrait mode if you have an iPhone or equivalent if available. The phone should be slightly higher than eye level.

  • You want to show up to this photo standing nice and tall, and look into the lens straight on.
    Smile. Smiling is a positive gesture that can open doors for you. Try different angles and head tilts. Have fun with it!

  • Frame the upper part and not the full body but DO NOT shoot closeup, make sure there’s enough room below your chest and above your head for us to crop the final headshot.

  • Send your chosen photo file in the highest resolution possible to [email protected].
    The email subject is: Your Name + Company Name + Virtual Headshot
    See article on how to send high res photos here.
    If the photo you send is not workable, we will ask for you to retake it, please be sure to follow the guides above.
    Thank you! We hope you had fun.